10 Mar 2019

6 Reasons You Need A Full-time Health and Safety Manager

Barton Staffing Solutions regularly supports its client’s safety initiatives. One thing that comes up again and again is the question: “Why do we need a full-time health and safety manager?”

Business demand and economic pressures aside, there are some fundamental reasons that every company can benefit from by having a full-time Health and Safety manager on their management team.

  1. Ensuring the health and safety of your employees is everyone’s job, of course. However, if it does not have a specific owner, it will be no one’s job. Someone must take ownership of developing programs, plans and initiatives and following them up with metrics and measures over time.
  2. Giving the role of health and safety manager to another person as a part time role will ensure your company’s focus on health and safety in the workplace – is only part-time.
  3. Having a full-time health and safety manager provides parity with your staffing company’s health and safety manager. It is the connection point to ensure that both your direct-hired employees and the employees your temporary staffing firm provides, are both experiencing and working in and promoting safety in the workplace to meet your company goals.
  4. Having a full-time health and safety manager on your management team is a visible, recognizable statement. It shows your insurers for your facility and for your workers and worker compensation that you take safety seriously. It will save you money and increase profits in the long run.
  5. Your suppliers, vendors and business partners will want to know your commitment to safety. Often, on RFQs and RFPs, you will be required to give the name of your health and safety manager on staff and give an indication that they are part time or full time.  References will confirm it.
  6. You attract better employees that result in better production output and better product quality.  This translates into better business results and competitive advantage in your marketplace. Employees want to work where the employer shows an interest in worker and workplace safety, and the best employees will seek out the best employers for these reasons.

Barton Staffing Solutions has a full-time safety manager on its management team. He is available to your safety manager to ensure common safety standards in your workplace. If you use a staffing firm that does not have this level of focus on safety, perhaps its time to call Barton Staffing Solutions now!

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